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Kunsthaus 7B is a space for modern and contemporary art (not only) from the Danube Countries. It had been established 2017 as a joint project of the Evangelical Church in Cisnădioara (Michelsberg), Romania and the Germany born art-collector and dealer Thomas Emmerling.

It is located in the building of the former German language schoolhouse in Cisnădioara (Michelsberg). The village is very well known for its architectural structure, which is typical for the German speaking minority in Romania, the Transylvanian Saxons. Therefore historical cultural heritage, like the fortress from the 12th Century is meeting up with Contemporary Art as abstract sculptures. This diversity and the huge percentage of foreigners, art-collectors and artists who are living in the village door to door, are building the artistic and creative atmosphere of Cisnadioara. Last but not least, the location of the village at the feet of the Carpathian Mountains and just 12 km from Sibiu International Airport, made Cisnadioara and Kunsthaus 7B to a location where international art-connoisseurs and collectors are meeting. This our friends and guests can experience in the regular summer-festivals, organized by Kunsthaus 7B, in the yearly Summer-Academy, joining the group of the Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle who is supporting the activities and in dinner invitations, by director Thomas Emmerling, where guests can enjoy fine Contemporary Transylvanian Cuisine, selected wines from his home are in Lechinta, and of course long discussions about celebrating Contemporary Art.

“I had been born and raised in Nuremberg, in Germany, the city of Albrecht Dürer. First I came to Romania in 1999. I had been searching for my roots, because my ancestors are from the German speaking minority in Northern-Transylvania. Coming here, I felt a great responsibility in myself awakening, a responsibility for this country, for the people and the land. After a while I figured out, that, like in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, in Romania in public life, perception and sensitivity had been separated. Over too many centuries, nobody had been interested, that perception and sensitivity are coming closer together. The natural human longing for aesthetic had been postponed into the family life, into privacy. But for any civilized society, where people live together in aesthetic, it is necessary that perception and sensitivity are coming closer. It would be wonderful, if I could use my time here on this planet, to contribute that perception and sensitivity are coming a little closer again, here in Romania.”


Thomas Emmerling, Co-Founder, Director

Today Kunsthaus 7B is supporting Romanian artists and brining international artists and exhibitions to Romania. Here we are acting as a portfolio gallery, as well we are collaborating with international museums and galleries.

Our partners, clients and collectors as well as curators and art-critics we are working with, appreciate the high artistic quality level that we have and our mix between established and young upcoming artists.

Since June 2017 Kunsthaus 7B organized

- 32 exhibitions in Cisnădioara and Europe

- Exhibitions for more than 60 artists from Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, USA, Israel, Moldova, Bulgaria, and of course Romania

- More than 5 Mio people could enjoy our projects as art in public spaces, museums, galleries and in Kunsthaus 7B in Cisnadioara.

Thank you very much all our sponsors, donators and partners who enabled this!

Kunsthaus 7B developed itself to a hidden champion for culture tourists visiting Sibiu and Transylvania as well as into a cultural hub in Central and South-East-Europe.

Sincerely, you are cordially welcome to visit us, and enjoy aesthetic and celebrate art with us, and discover a new talent for your collection or complete it with works by outstanding artists.

We are at your disposal.

Your team of Kunsthaus 7B


Thomas Emmerling 

General Director and Curator

When someone is ready to let art into his life, it shows already this certain understanding of life.

Emöke Ferencz

Administrative Director

In art you can find everyday something new - new artists, new positions, new creativity - that makes art so exciting.

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