Mária Čorejová
Bratislava, Slovakia


“It’s all about freedom, yours, mine, ours”

Digital Art, Drawings, social critic, constructivist, geometry

Venice Biennial of Architecture 2012

Born 1975 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia

Lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia

University of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava

Art Institute of Boston, Boston, Ma., USA (Fullbright Scholarship)

University of Houston, Clear-Lake, Tx.,USA

Slippery Rock University, Pa., USA

STRABAG Art Collection Vienna, Imago-Mundi Collection of Luciano Benetton Treviso ect.


2021 Drawings . . . and Contents, Art 9Teen – Vienna’s Private Art Club, Vienna

2020 Group Exhibition “Remapping the Future”, Art 9Teen – Vienna’s Private Arts Club, Vienna

2020 Group Exhibition “Remapping the Fture”, Kunsthaus 7B, Cisnadioara, Romania

2018 Standing Waters, Remont Gallery Belgrade, Serbia

2017 Drawings . . . and Contents, Gallery of Slovak Institute Prague, Czech Republic

2017 Standing Waters, Gallery of the Municipality of Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 13th Biennale of Architecture Venice, Venice Italy, curator: Jan Pernecky

2010 STRABAG Art-Award


"My freedom comes with the end of your arguments"
Ink on paper | 76x56 cm | 2014


"Borders, Barriers, Obstacles and other Funny Things"
Ink on paper | 56x54 cm |

"Brave Brave World"
Ink on paper | 56x45 cm | 2017

Mika-Ela Fisher
Couture Sculpturaux


Mika Ela Fisher adds an entirely new aspect to the Paris Schools “Art Plasticienne” -
the sculptural clothing. In its diversity, the components bespoke clothing and model
or tailor's dummy merge into a total work of art and thus into an extraordinary form of
body art. It is less about the type of presentation; Mika Ela Fisher is too complex and
pan-disciplinary for that, between tailoring, photo modeling, acting, filming and
chanson. Rather, Fisher is engaged with the fact that the bespoke dress becomes an
essential sculpture. Working on the human body, taking measurements, processing
the materials becomes the work of the sculptor, who releases the sculpture from the
textiles and their cuts and gives it its own physicality.


It's easy.It's hard to understand, but it is still the case that clothing is seen as a necessity,
fashion design or at most haute couture, i.e. a luxury product, but rarely as a work of
art, certainly not as a sculpture. Mika Ela Fisher makes it clear that the production of
made-to-measure clothing can be a manual act, but it can also be an artistic act,
since it represents nothing other than sculpture - the three-dimensional images are
created from solid materials. It is characteristic of Mika Ela Fisher as a maître tailleur

(master taylor) to manufacture women's clothing using a manual technique and processing

it in the way that it's used for men's clothing. In doing so, she elevates the work above anything
sexual and yet, creates new tensions between male and female.

Fisher deliberately goes beyond the usual, daring to take her own new paths. Critical comments like
"Impossible! You can't wear something like that!” provoke the artist to continue on the chosen path.

Mika Ela Fisher learned the handcraft “from scratch” with Max Dietl in Munich. Playing with the

techniques she had learned, developing them further and putting them together again,

unintentionally in the experimental sense, open-ended, was particularly important to her.

It was the basis for the artist that enabled her to go further, to go beyond what she had learned

and to break new grounds.


Mika Ela Fisher's is always the sculpture's own bespoke model, but also allows the art connoisseur to slip into the role of the model and be his own sculpture. Your own forms become an art object. In her work, Fisher remains minimalist, in a clear language of form, connected to the French "Art Plasticienne".

She expresses this in a timeless style of textiles, but also in other media, such as installations in which the human body is part of the overall work of art, but also touches on the field of performance. Mika Ela Fischer shows the interplay of "identity - role - physicality"; just as expressively in her films, in the composition of photographs in which the artist herself appears as a model, optionally with the aforementioned tailor's dummies and even in improvised chansons. The body with its forms of expression such as the voice, intonation, speed and marble-like persistence in positions, the accurately drawn folds, which in reality is living material, all this becomes a medium for transporting art, turns people and the situation into a petrified sculpture, and thus at the same time an essential art object. As in classic body art, Fisher turns her own body and the body of the art connoisseur into medium and object at the same time. Mika Ela Fisher's body art is not shocking or sensational at any price. Fisher tends to confuse by overturning and rearranging classic identities and roles such as between man and woman. She works on the body, with the body, through the body in the interaction of the two opposing aesthetic principles, the bright, Apollonian-sublime and the cruel Dyonisian-uninhibited. Friedrich Nietsche believed that the two are united only in Attic tragedy. The concept and implementation of Mika Ela Fisher's Art Plasticienne are part of this classic tradition.

The artist's work undoubtedly belongs to conceptual art in the true sense as Henry Flint defined it innthe 1960s; her improvisations stand for this, but even more so her avant-garde self-image and the constant striving to try out new things, to subordinate technology and implementation to the idea, but at the same time to increase the technique and implementation in ability. For Fisher, the meaning of the work of art has the same value as the implementation. Coming from a craft
background, Fisher sees her art as a craft that she has continued to develop over decades. She lets her work mature and continues to develop. This also includes the careful selection of the fabrics, some of which are no longer available on the market, or the careful design of the inner workings of the clothing that gives the overall appearance support, the yarns used and the tools used. "Back to skill" one could understand her understanding of "savoir faire", with which Fisher also clearly rebels against the superficiality and indifference of our global "hysterically cool and technology-worshipping" society.


The photographs were taken during the shooting of the movie "Valiant
Hands in the Chaos of Time", Chrysopras Films, Paris, 2013.


Thomas Emmerling, Cisnădioara April 2022

Oana Ionel
Bucharest, Romania

Born 1984 in Romania

Living and working in Bucharest

National University of Fine Arts, Bucharest

L'Ecole Superiure d'Art (Cinema et Peinture), Grenoble, France

PhD in Visual Arts at National University of Fine Arts, Bucharest

Private collections in USA, France, UK, Korea, Germany, Romania


2021 Cultural Festival Memmenterrae “Limitazione e Delimitazione in Arta e Natura” in Villamaina, (AP), Italy, curator: Dr. Elmar Zorn, Munich

2020 “The Secret Stories of Danube River”, Art 9Teen – Vienna’s Private Arts Club, Vienna

2020 Group Exhibition “Global Contemporary – Art from Romanian Private Collections”, Art9Teen –Vienna’s Private Art Club

2020 “River as Connector”, Visual Art Museum, Galați, Danube

2019 “Danube – River as Experience”, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest

2018 Group Exhibition “Aici – Acolo”, Cotroceni National Museum, Bucharest

2018 Group Exhibition “GPL – Contemporary – Fine Arts From Vienna”, Kunsthaus 7B Cisnădioara

2018 Group Exhibition “Impreuna – Together”, Sibiu Airport

2017 Group Exhibition “Art Privat”, Kunsthaus 7B Cisnădioara


"Mnemonics – Ada Kaleh" 
Oil, wax and gold-dust on canvas | 40x40 cm | 2018


“Art means perception and emotion”

Painting, installation, video-art, lyrical-abstract, deep-minded social-political concepts

Artist and curator


"Border as Invitation"
Acrylic on canvas |130x100 cm | 2018


"Crossing Borders" | Acrylic on canvas |100x100 cm | 2020

Bryn Marie Migliore

Lugano, Switzerland

BMM photo.jpg

Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture, Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH, USA
Bratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA

“My work consists of exploring the transformation within ourselves that occurs over the course of
our lives and existence. From our DNA existing within the enormity of our universe, to the role these
forms play and how they exist within the cycles and dichotomy of life. How beliefs and credence
morph and change people within a society and are constantly evolving. While some people will use
the experiences throughout their lives as inspiration, others become stifled. Exploring the
relationships between those connections and changes with the fundamental belief of who we are
within the universe and how we interact and that there is no coincidence between these
relationships has become essential to my practice as an artist.” (Bryn Marie Migliore, Lugano, 2022)

Sculpture on wall.jpg

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 Conversion, La Filanda, Mendriso, Switzerland
2017 Press Pause & Play, Bang & Olufsen, Lugano, Switzerland
2017 Transfiguration, Piazza Luigi Taddei, Bre, Switzerland


Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Connections, The Eubie Blake Cultural Center, Baltimore, Maryland
2019 Manifestarte, Spazio Arte & Valori, Giubiasco, Switzerland
2018 Daddy Was A Milkman Concert, Harang Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania
2018 Gold Art Gala, Villa Sassa, Lugano, Switzerland
2018 CollinArte, Comune di Collina d’Oro, Montagnola, Switzerland
2018 Korea-US exhibition, Harang Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2017 New Works, Galleria Strasburgo, Milano, Italy
2017 Citta divise, Citta plurali/ (r)esistenze, Spazio 1b, Lugano, Switzerland
2017 Lasting Impressions, The Museum of White Mountains, Plymouth, New Hampshire
2017 CollinArte, Comune di Collina d'Oro, Montagnola, Switzerland
2017 Provobis 2nd International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Palazzo Franchi, Assisi, Italy
2017 Gala di Beneficenza, Zonta Club di Lugano, Monte Generoso, Switzerland
2016 Iran Contemporary Art Biennale "Peace on Paper", Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2016 Presentazione MAG: Il Portfolio dei Creativi in Ticino, Five Gallery, Lugano, Switzerland
2016 Sculpture Network New Year's Brunch, Perseo Fonderia D'Arte, Mendrisio, Switzerland
2015 Locarno Citta del Gusto Associazione Artigiani GLATI, Locarno, Switzerland
2010 All Along the Clocktower, Bronx, NY
2010 Avenue A Gallery, New York City, NY

#identity #beingourselves #exploringmysteriesoflife #bronzeart #mysteryofbronze #experienceofbronze #growth

BMM Bryn Migliore_Enrapture_49x12x9_bronze & wood_2017.jpg

Armin Müsham
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

“All life is architecture” Armin Mühsam is known for geometrical, post-constructivist paintings, that show apocalyptic sceneries, without humans. But we can see the impact of the Western Society, which tries to keep nature under control.

Armin Mühsam, born 1968 in Cluj-Napoca lives and works in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. In his work is visible the constructivist influence which leads to architectural clear subjects, calculated, without any space for coincidence.

Aside the architectural quotation of his new home, the Middle-West of Northern America which reminds on Edward Hopper, Mühsam completes his work with organic elements of nature as forests, trees, clouds. He describes a technocratic consumist contemporary world with all its exaggeration. Geometric clear lines are representing the analytic linear thinking, which is discovered as one of the possible causalities..


In his later works he is reducing until almost it is not more possible, to identify the scenery he wants to make us aware of. Diagonals, lines, cubes, squares and complementary colors are representing a reasonable world. But nature is breaking through by the easiness of clouds, sunny atmospheres and the fade green of the forests.

Armin Mühsam’s work is more than social critic on the “American way of life” which became a “global way of life”, it is a reminder on natural, classical, eternal laws, like the appreciation of life. Even when he shapes the nature into gemometric lines, it becomes a rememberance on classical values and based on that a social critic.


As the situation of our polluted world has many causalities, as well, Armin Mühsam has many causalities, to warn us. The obvious strong colors in his work are a sign for the passion for life, but as well, in all deep thinking, he awakes emotions and reminds us to get angry. There are many different good reasons to loose the patience.

The nowadays rare combination of message and artistic approach in Mühsam’s work, makes him one of the most remarkable contemporary artists born in Romania.

AM Conditional Duplication 2018 oil canvas 60 x 45 cm.jpg
Armin Mühsam headshot.jpg
AM The Absence of the sacred 58 x 76 oil 2015.jpg

"The absence of the sacred"
Oil on canvas | 58x76 cm | 2015

AM Dialectic Classics 2018 oil canvas 60 x 56 cm.jpg

"Dialectic classic"
Oil on canvas | 60x56 cm | 2018

"Conditional duplication"
Oil on canvas | 60x45 cm | 2018

Birgit Reiner 
Bonn, Germany


“The act of painting means to live in my own wonderland”

Painting, Installation, deep-minded social-political concepts about mythology


Oil on nettle | 120x100 cm 2021

Born 1977 in Sibiu, Romania

Lives and works in Bonn, Germany

Master of Fine Arts University of London

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf at Markus Lüpertz and Herbert Brandl

Henkel-Art-Collection, Art-Collection Ernst & Young Düsseldorf


2010 Galerie Anna Klinkhammer, Düsseldorf

2021 “Cushioned Clouds”, Kunsthaus 7B, Cisnădioara

Januar 2021 „Cushioned Clouds“, Art 9Teen – Vienna’s Private Art Club, Vienna


"Precarious balance"
Oil on nettle | 120x100 cm | 2020


"Last hope"
Oil on nettle | 120x100 cm | 2021

Radu Rodideal

Bucharest, Romania


Oil on canvas | 120x80 cm | 2018


The main issues in life are appearing in fine colors and in minimalistic shapes. They appear reduced to the question “what happened?”

Painting gives me the opportunity to combine them, realism and reduction, shock and consolation, restraint and driving passion, lines and colors, as a mirror of our life.

Painter, Music-Performance, Film-Maker

The eternal game between women and men, and how to understand the changes of our time

National Academy of Fine Arts Bucharest

Exhibitions excerpt:

2019 – “Declosure of a romance”, Berlin

2019 – “Spirit of Ecstasy”, Rolls Royce Motorcars, Munich (Group exhibition)

2018 – Inauguration Exhibition, GEORADO Foundation, Dresden-Dorfhain (Group exhibition)

2018 – “Should I go or should I stay?” Kunst Klinger, Vienna

2017 – “Art Privat”, Kunsthaus 7B, Cisnădioara, Romania

2016 - Art Safari, Bucharest, Romania

Oil on canvas | 70x50 cm | 2018


"Uncertain butterflies"
Oil on canvas | 50x80 cm | 2018

Roxana Savin 
Geneva, Switzerland


‘The personal is political’

Roxana Savin’s practice is a manifestation of her background and personal experiences. The artist is using the medium of photography as a means of expression as well as for starting a conversation on
social change.
Roxana Savin was born in Iasi, where she grew up, part of an entire generation of so-called latchkey kids, born in the 70s and 80s in communist Romania. Her upbringing, in a working class neighbourhood in Iasi, Romania, was marked by her parents’ aspiration that she gets a good education.
Roxana graduated law school, and was employed in legal profession, before she went to live and work abroad.
With her identity built around competence in the workplace, when she found herself in the situation of a stay at home mother, in a foreign country, made her rethink the whole concept of 'success'.
Roxana understood what more seasoned mothers already knew, that women can't have it all. Women may have been granted normative freedom in liberal democracies, yet the conflict
between gender equality and motherhood remains unresolved. Her experience as a stay at home mother informed her project and subsequent artist book ‘I’ll be late
tonight’ (2018-2020). The award winning work is putting at the forefront her personal story to discuss gender roles, identity and power relations within social structures. Referencing the wider feminist artistic discourse, through an multifaceted exploration of domesticity, ’I’ll be late tonight’ challenges the myth of domestic bliss and reinterprets the home as a space of resistance, where identities involve a performative and isolating act.
Blending reality and fiction, the artist is navigating the fine line between the objectivity of the documentary framework and the subjectivity of conceptual narration. The eerie landscape images and the domestic spaces infused with a sense of uncanny, constitute metaphors for repressed feelings and emotions.
For Roxana, defining home has been a continuous challenge. Living outside her home country, the feeling of not belonging has been following her throughout the years. This disconnection is translated
in her work, which explores the relationship between place, identity and belonging, and how they are constantly challenged and redefined by social forces and individual experiences.
Roxana’s project ‘In the name of God’ is investigating the notion of identity from an oblique perspective, focusing on the rise of the nationalist sentiment in her native country. Both an insider and outsider in the spatial and social Romanian territory, the artist is questioning her own position
within this unfolding narrative.


2021 Prix de la Photographie Paris, Silver Winner Book Category
2021 GUP FreshEyes 100 Talents 
2021 Encontros da Imagem Book Award, shortlisted
2020 Untitled Dummy Awards Russia, shortlisted
2020 PhMuseum Best Projects of 2020, selected
2020 Format 21, shortlisted

2022 Breathing Houses, Verzasca Foto, Switzerland
2021 PX3 State of the World, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, France
2021 Fresh Eyes Exhibition, Art Rotterdam, Netherlands
2021 Soyuz Seal Gallery, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow, Russia
2019 Fiction and the Figures of Life, Borderline Art Space, Iasi, Romania
2019 The Inner Theater, Franz Binder Museum, Sibiu, Romania 

Education :
1997-2001 Faculty of law, Alex. I. Cuza university, Iasi (Romania)
2005-2007 MA Intellectual Property Law, distinction, Brunel University London (UK)
2016-2018 Fine Art School of Photography Moscow (Russia)
2018-2020 MA Photography, distinction, Falmouth University (UK)

RS portret Roxana Savin.jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled I,2018-2020 (1).jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled II,2018-2020.jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled III,2018-2020.jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled IV,2018-2020.jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled V,2018-2020.jpg

"I'll be late tonight" |Untitled I| 2018-2020

"I'll be late tonight" |Untitled II| 2018-2020

"I'll be late tonight" |Untitled III| 2018-2020

RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled VI,2018-2020.jpg
RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled VII,2018-2020.jpg

"I'll be late tonight"         
Untitled IV | 2018-2020


"I'll be late tonight" Untitled V | 2018-2020

RS I'll be late tonight, Untitled VIII,2018-2020.jpg
RS In the name of God, Untitled, 2022.jpg

"I'll be late tonight"
Untitled VI| 2018-2020

"I'll be late tonight" |Untitled VII| 2018-2020

"I'll be late tonight" |Untitled VIII| 2018-2020

"In the name of God"

Bianca Turner Profile Picture.jpg


2000 - Present Self-taught artist

2000 - 2007 PhD in International Economic Relations

2011 - 2016 Postgraduate studies in Marine Biology

2021 - Associated artist of the International Association of                 Visual Arts of UNESCO



2022 - Top Finalist received for the work "Jungle in My Mind",

           Fine Art America Contest, USA

2022 - Finalist of the Pixels Billboard Contest, USA

2021 - First Prize received for the work "Red", Fine Art

           America Contest, USA

2021 - Second Prize received for the work "Depression       

           Comes in Many Colors", Fine Art America Contest,


2021 - Finalist of the Pixels Billboard Contest, USA

2020 - Woman Art Award, MUSA International Art Space in               collaboration with UNESCO Bologna, Rome, Italy

2020 - The Artist of The Day, See Me Community in                           Partnership with Sotheby's Art Institute, New York City,  USA

2020 - The Universal Artist Leonardo da Vinci International              Prize, Florence, Italy

2018 - Woman Art Award, MUSA International Art Space,                Madrid, Spain


Exhibitions & Festivals


2022 - Red Dot Miami, Art Basel, Miami, USA​

2022 - Art on Loop Exhibition, The Holy Art, London, UK

2022 - Bordless Hybrid Exhibition, Norwegian Cultural

           Center, Oslo, Norway and Singapore

2022 - Reflexo Exhibition, Echo's Studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil

2022 - Moon Art Fair, Hamburg, Germany

2022 - Art in dialogue with nature, Art book launch, Bonn, 


2022 - Sunset Strip Revival Exhibition, Ziggy Hotel, West

           Hollywood, USA

2022 - Diversia, Group exhibition, UNITED NATIONS,

           Toronto, Canada

2022 - Lacuna Art Festival, Barcelona and Canary Islands, 


2022 - Group exhibition, Einladung (Auction for Ukraine)

           Zurich, Switzerland

2022 - Stand up against Domestic Violence Fundraiser, 

           Haven Hills, Burbank, USA

2022 - Solo Exhibition, Art 9TEEN, Vienna,Austria

2022 - International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Buenos                 Aires, Argentina

2022 - L'invisible, Bortone Gallery, Paris, France

2022 - 6th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                 Angeles, USA

2021 - NOMAD Exhibition, Torrance Art Museum, Los         

           Angeles, USA

2021 - ODYSSEY Fundraiser, Torrance Art Museum

           Advocates and City of Torrance, Los Angeles, USA

2021 - The Flux Review, London, UK

2021 - Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser, Los Angeles, USA

2021 - Big Passover Exhibition, Israeli Art Market, Tel Aviv,                Israel

2021 - 5th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                 Angeles, USA

2021 - Goodbye 2020 Welcome 2021, Israeli Art Market, Tel            Aviv, Israel

2020 - International Festival of Street Art, Frankfurt, Germany

2020 - Artistic creation in times of COVID-19, Diafano                      Community, Barcelona, Spain

2020 - Art in Transition, Sotheby's Art Institute, New York

           City, USA

2020 - The Artist of the Day, Sotheby's Art Institute, New York

           City,  USA

2020 - Woman's Essence, MUSA International Art Space in              collaboration with UNESCO Bologna, Rome, Italy

2020 - Represent, Sotheby's Art Institute, New York City, USA

2020 - International Festival of Street Art, Timisoara, Romania

2020 - Global Contemporary, Art 9Teen, Vienna, Austria

2020 - Art Saves Humanity, See Me Community, New York                City, USA

2020 - 4th Annual Anniversary, Open Mind Art Space, Los                Angeles, USA

2019 - Never Odd or Even, The Solarium, Pasadena, USA

2019 - One Self, Sotheby's Art Institute, New York City, USA

2019 - Of Earth and Space, Open Mind Art Space, Los                     Angeles, USA

2019 - Ashes of Hope, Wildfire Relief Fund Auction, Los                    Angeles, USA

2019 - Stand Up Against Domestic Violence, Haven Hills                   Auction, Burbank, USA

2019 - LA Art Show, Los Angeles, USA

2018 - Art Basel Miami Beach, Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery,

           Miami, USA

2018 - Unity in Variety IX, Substrate Gallery, Los Angeles,                USA

2018 - Reflection, Haegeumgang Theme Museum, Geoje,

           S. Korea

2018 - The Art of Ra, Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK

2018 - Fine Art Cannes Biennale, Cannes, France

2018 - Woman's Essence, MUSA International Art Space,                 Madrid, Spain

2018 - Art Expo New York, New York City, USA

2018 - Iron Triangle Brewing Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

2018 - Unity in Variety VIII, 508 Kings Road Gallery, London, UK

2017 - We Contemporary - The Faces of Contemporary Art,              MUSA International Art Space, Kiev, Ukraine

2017 - We Contemporary - The Faces of Contemporary Art,               MUSA International Art Space, Rome, Italy

2017 - Unity in Variety V, Gabriel Fine Arts, London, UK

2017 - Viva Arte Viva Venetia Biennale, Nina Torres Fine Art,            Venice Italy

2010 - Pure vibrant colors, High Studio Fine Art Gallery,                    Moorpark, USA

2009 - Moorpark Art Festival, Moorpark, USA

2008 - Abstract art from the soul, High Studio Fine Art                      Gallery, Moorpark, USA

Bianca Aimée Turner, 
Los Angeles, California, USA

Born in Alba-Iulia, Romania

Lives & works in Los Angeles, CA


My paintings are deeply inspired by nature and its vivid colors, and by the societal issues that surround me. I see art as “the definition of infinity” and my work explores the continuous transmutation of the evolving essence of life and nature. Visions and words turn into colors and textures to create new narratives in this dimension of infinity. As an artist, I feel that it’s important to bring awareness to the world regarding different problems that affect us, as a single unit. In my art I focus on sending out a message to the whole entire world about real problems that the regular people have and I try to make all the people (even the ones who live in their bubble) think about what every individual’s impact in this world is. I am convinced that we all must leave a legacy behind us for the future generations and that my job is to transpose this concept from my art to everyone else. I want to make my fans and the ones who see my work understand that Future, Hope and Success of the next generations start with every one of us. I always affirm that we should not say “I hope” - we should always say “I am hope” – this is the main message that is at the foundation of my art compositions. (Bianca Turner - Los Angeles, USA 2022)


"Sisi" | Mixed media on paper
61x46 cm | 2022

Bianca Turner - 03 - SIGMUND FREUD - 2022.jpg

"Sigmund Freud" | Mixed media on paper |61x46 cm | 2022

Bianca Turner - Homage to Klimt - Oil, acrylic, glitter on canvas - 36x36 cm - 2022.jpg

"Homage to Klimt" | Mixed media on canvas |36x36 cm | 2022

Artworks available by artists from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) or in a strong relation to the CEE-area:

  • Alena Adamikova, Painting, Nova Dedinka, Slovakia

  • Irina Epifan, Photography, Bucharest, Romania

  • Cristina Gagiu, Painting, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

  • Gabriela von Habsburg, Stainless steel sculpture and Lithographs Stockdorf, Germany

  • Sorina von Keyserling, Sculpture, Berlin, Germany

  • Tatjana Lee, Painting, Augmented reality, Munich, Germany

  • Daniel Munteanu, Photography, Video, Augmented reality, Cisnadioara, Romania