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Investors Circle

Art collector David Coole, artist Radu Rodideal and trader TE 03.12.2017.jpg

From left to the right:

Thomas Emmerling, Director Kunsthaus 7B, Radu Rodideal, Artist and David Coole, Art collector - at K7BIC trip to Bucharest 2017

Kunsthaus 7B Investors Circle (K7BIC) is a group of art-connoisseurs and philanthropists, who are aiming to support artists from Central and Eastern Europe in building an artistic career, as well as supporting the activities of Kunsthaus 7B in this field.
With a yearly contribution, the K7BIC members are supporting the activities of Kunsthaus 7B as organizing high-quality art-exhibitions as well as they can support particular artists in pre-financing artworks, art-fairs and other expenses. After 3 years of contributing for example 2.400 Euro annually, the members have the right to an artwork in a value of 8.000 Euro.
We are available for more information about K7BIC and its additional benefits at

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